San Marino City Manager

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The San Marino City Council is recruiting for a City Manager, and has selected the firm of CPS-HR to conduct the search.  As part of the recruitment process the City is seeking input from the community, and has developed an online survey in both English and Mandarin.

"It’s important for the City Council to know what qualities our citizens believe a City Manager must possess to best serve the interests of our city and our community. What we hear will bear heavily in our selection process,” says San Marino Mayor, Richard Sun.

Appointed by the San Marino City Council, the City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City, overseeing the operations of all the City’s departments.  The City Manager is responsible for planning, directing, and managing all activities and operations of the City, ensuring that all public services are delivered in the most efficient and effective manner. The City Manager also implements policy decisions made by the City Council and facilitates the development and implementation of City goals and objectives.

Survey responses should be submitted prior to June 5, 2017.

For more information, or to provide additional feedback, please contact Frank Rojas, Executive Recruiter, CPS HR Consulting, at (916) 471-3111, or email at